During the reign of Dmitriy and Hannah, the Principality of the Mists decided to get rid of its problematic trailer. It is now finally going up on Craigslist, but to the SCA community it is being offered for free. If you want this trailer or have more questions, email Hannah. Below is full disclosure of its problems that we are aware of:
Rust damage
It would be very expensive to sandblast and repaint. Roof is slightly concave and has a lip around the edge that keeps it from shedding water. Is not watertight and so anything put or stored inside in wet conditions could be rust-damaged.
Warped out of shape. It's missing a bolt, needs a new electric connection for the trailer lights, and the pole it rests on when not hooked up needs a stand or wheel put on the bottom.
Reasons it's dangerous to drive
No spare tire, and way, way heavier than necessary. Brand estimates the entire thing is made of 12 gauge steel. He suggests aluminum. We don't know how it drives. Could someone who has recently driven it loaded tell us? Brand is concerned about it being wobbly, but we don't know.
DMV Vehicle Registration
On the trailer license plate, where normally the yearly registration sticker is, there is a sticker that says PTI.
One of the doors is padlocked shut and lock needs to be cut off and replaced. Doors shut poorly.
Album Publication
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2005 12 31 - 12 09 03 - C01
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2005 12 31 - 12 09 26 - C01
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2005 12 31 - 12 09 54 - C01
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2005 12 31 - 12 10 39 - C01
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2005 12 31 - 12 11 13 - C01
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2005 12 31 - 12 11 33 - C01
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2005 12 31 - 12 12 30 - C01 this is th back of the trailer, the back opens for easy access
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2005 12 31 - 12 13 01 - C01
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2005 12 31 - 12 13 56 - C01
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2005 12 31 - 12 14 10 - C01
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